Back in 1996, the original Palm Pilot was released, and at the time it was the equivalent of what we call the smartphone today, except without the phone component.  For those of you who weren’t around yet or don’t remember, PDAs was the gadget category name and it stood for Personal Digital Assistants.

I remember those days pretty vividly.  Color screens didn’t exist for PDAs yet until years later, they came with styluses, and had a handful of apps you could install.  Back then, simply being able to connect to the internet and check your email felt like a dream.  I had a few different versions of the Palm Pilot and eventually got the Treo 650, which combined the PDA functionality with a phone.  Man, those were the days…

Fast forward to today, 24 years later, we are blessed with smartphones with incredible computing power, amazing screens, super fast internet connections, and an app for almost everything – literally.  The stylus was left in the dust, and rightfully so, thanks to the amazing touch screens that are part of every single smartphone now.  Who needs a stylus when typing with your fingers is so practical and accurate these days right?

But what about drawing, sketching, and the joy of hand written notes?  The iPad Pencil is admittedly, damn good.  The precision is uncanny and the experience is breathtaking at times.  If you haven’t used one, I recommend that you take a trip to the Apple Store, when the pandemic is over, of course, and give it a whirl.

After playing with it a few times, I couldn’t help but think how cool it would be to have one for the iPhone too.  I want to be able to take notes, doodle, sketch, and most of all use ProCreate on the go.  Apple, if you’re listening, I guarantee people will buy it if you release it.  As for the branding, that’s easy:  Apple Pencil Mini or Apple Pencil Nano, take your pick. 🙂

It can just be a scaled down version the iPad’s Pencil that can dock either on the top or bottom right.  The thought of an Apple Pencil Mini snapping to edge of my iPhone is exciting.  There’s something about the experience of hearing a well-designed gadget make a distinct sound that only it can make – ahem, Airpods.

Top docking

Side docking